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Question to Council 27 April 2011 re Small Lots

posted May 26, 2011, 7:24 PM by Ed Itor Editor   [ updated May 26, 2011, 7:28 PM ]
'ls it correct that a small lot is a lot under the minimum zone lot size
under the current planning provisions?'
Within the Nillumbik Planning Scheme at present, the expired interim policy
Clause 22.03'Residential use and development on small lots in Green Wedge
areas' describes small lots as those under the minimum subdivision size. As
stated, this policy is expired and has no force or effect. Additionally, this
definition was developed for the purpose of that policy, and it will not
necessarily form the basis for future deliberations regarding the discouragement
of rural residential development in Green Wedge areas.
It is thus not accurate to state that all lots under the minimum subdivision size
will be discouraged from further residential development, as this is yet to be
As stated in the letter dated 24 March 2011 from the Mayor Helen Coleman to
the Nillumbik Ratepayers Association, Council has not made a decision as to
what size constitutes a 'small lot' for the purpose of discouraging future rural
residential development. lnstead, it has resolved to undertake further
investigation into this complex issue to inform its consideration of a policy
response. Part of this consideration will include deliberations on the definition of
what constitutes a'small lot'.
The relevant action in relation to this matter adopted by Council as part of the
Green Wedge Management Plan is:
PCl.1 Prepare a concise paper on small lot development to recommend
actions to discourage the further rural residential development of small
lots in the green wedge. lt witt clarify the extent of the small lot
developmenf issue in the green wedge. tt wilt be prepared in the context
of the findings of the 2009 Victorian Bushfires Royat Commission and the
inquiry into sustainable development of agiculture in outer suburban
lf you have any further questions in relation to this matter, please contact me on
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