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Diamond Creek Structure Plan

We object to the Diamond Creek Structure Plan and request a Panel hearing.

7 April 2010 

This document is a continuation of trees before resident’s lives and should be deferred until the Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission (VBRC) has made its recommendations and the State Government adopts from those recommendations. Any decision adopted by council at this time is likely to require abandonment or at least modification. We object to zoning changes and the addition of overlays and request a Panel hearing. 

Vegetation policies are under scrutiny by the VBRC and changes are inevitable. To proceed with this Plan that includes planting additional indigenous vegetation in this high bushfire prone shire, without consideration of bushfire risk management is reckless and dismissive of the VBRC. 

We submit the two bushfire reports by Rod Incoll and David Packham be included as part of this submission. Refer 

This Structure Plan appears to ignore the events of February 7 2009. A structure plan is a framework and must consider safety issues: particularly when safety issues have been articulated by experts. 

Our concern is that the focus remains on vegetation rather than the safety of the community. It appears to be a continuation of trees being put before resident’s lives. 

  • The Structure Plan should prioritise CFA approval for the plan. There is also no indication of approval by either of the two Committees, Municipal Fire Prevention Committee and Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee. 
  • Neighbourhood safer places/places of last resort have not been given a high priority within the Structure Plan. Consideration as a safer place should be given to the new Diamond Creek Stadium. The new building located on primary and secondary school grounds will have all facilities required and construction modifications could easily be made to meet required standards. 
  • The proposed planting of indigenous vegetation in the road reserves is counter to expert evidence at the VBRC where roads were seen as bushfire wicks on Black Saturday.   
  • Our concerns are also that this planting creates a fire risk. There is no reference to a fuel reduction program to mitigate fire risk for both current and proposed additional vegetation. 
  • The issue of access and egress in emergency situations has not been considered. 
  • The proposed removal of a number of car spaces within the shopping Precinct to facilitate further planting is ill considered as parking has already been waived in a number of instances. 

Brian Murray Director